It doesn't matter if you are an expert in mechanics, all that really matters is that you have the creativity and necessary knowledge to find a solution for every challenge that comes to the shop, gaining that customer satisfaction"

Ronald Jarquin (NICA's Founder & Specialist)

Our Specialist & Founder

Ronald Jarquin

Nica Auto & Fleet repair was founded in 2017 by Ronald Jarquin with the intention to bring high quality services in the Diesel field. Ronald has 20 years of experience working with everything that may come to your mind regarding Diesel, and that is why NICA Auto & Fleet Repair was established. Even though Ronald doesn't limit Nica's services to Diesel, he's confident that any issues you may encounter with your truck, RV, car, whatever is it, his experience will find a solution that gain your trust and satisfaction.

Ronald doesn't believe in working from the office, but getting his hands dirty at the shop to assure the finest quality in every labor, to confidently say that Nica is committed to bring the finest quality for every service given.


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